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ATN Strategies (formerly Group ATN) is an applied research and consulting firm supporting organizations and governments with clear, evidence-based strategies that are place-based, future-focused and rooted in community.

Our unique approach to strategy development is not just about addressing challenges – it’s about strengthening communities and paving the way for a sustainable future in partnership with our clients.

Our strategies cut across many sectors and topics, with a focus on supporting those working to solve today’s many challenges at the global, regional and local level. From global energy transitions to local housing solutions, our strategies cut through the noise to identify clear paths to success with a focus on context-based recommendations informed by thorough research and meaningful engagement with the public, rightsholders, stakeholders and leaders.

Together with our partners within the m5 group of companies – MQO Research, m5 marketing and communications and m5 Public Affairs – our integrated approach ensures that our strategies are not only well-conceived, but also impeccably communicated.

ATN’s public and private sector clients, Indigenous communities and organizations, and non-profits seek us out to tap into our diverse team, our broad expertise and the innovative solutions we offer. Services and collaboration with Indigenous communities and equity deserving groups is a strong focus area.

Our dedicated team of seasoned professionals have worked in the public and private sectors at the highest levels. We bring a rich array of talent and deep experience in a wide range of traditional and emerging sectors to each project.

We invite you to explore the potential of a partnership with ATN Strategies. As you face times of transformation, ATN will help you turn your vision into action.

OUR Team

ATN’s diverse and skilled team of professionals bring backgrounds in public and private senior leadership, public policy, law, renewable energy, finance, immigration, tourism, economic development, journalism and more. Our team members have Masters degrees, PhDs, law degrees and are highly sought after thought leaders in their fields of expertise.

  • Royden Trainor

    Senior Vice President – Client Development Royden Trainor is a distinguished and innovative leader with over 30 years of invaluable experience. His unique background spans…

  • Stephen Coyle

    Vice President of Research and Strategy Stephen Coyle is ATN’s Vice President of Research and Strategy. Stephen brings a diversified career background to ATN including…

  • Amy Mackenzie

    Senior Director – Operations and Insights Amy MacKenzie, M.A., Senior Director of Operations and Insights, is an experienced research professional and consultant who brings a…

  • Jillian Ramsay

    Senior Consultant & Project Manager Jillian Ramsay is a legally trained, seasoned researcher with a background in marketing, finance and government.  Jill attended law school…

  • Dr. Gladstone Deklu

    Senior Research Consultant Gladstone is an experienced researcher with a background in Economics and Linguistics. He has expertise in strategy development, program evaluation qualitative stakeholder…

  • Dr. Kouakou Adou

    Senior Research Consultant Dr. Adou is fully French-English bilingual and has more than seven years of experience conducting and leading rigorous research. He coordinated a…

  • Joseph Burton

    Research Analyst Joseph Burton is Halifax-based researcher, writer, and educator with expertise in the fields of history and sociological analysis. His PhD research, which is…

  • David Debly

    Research Analyst David Debly is Halifax-based industrial and organizational psychology specialist with expertise in the fields of statistics and research methods. He possesses a unique…

  • Jiaqi Chen

    Jiaqi Chen is a multifaceted social policy and strategic communication specialist with a proven track record of leveraging data-driven insights to address complex challenges within…